Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! 

You’ve planned the perfect day and now you need the perfect dance to celebrate! Whether you want traditional and slow, fast and modern, or something in between, let me help you feel confident for your big day!

Wedding FAQs:

Q. How much do wedding dance lessons cost?

A. Please contact me for pricing. I offer options such as pay-as-you-go, and a 5-lesson package.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. At this time, I can accept cash, check, or Venmo payments.

Q. How many lessons will we need?

A. I recommend 5 for a simple, yet elegant dance. The number of lessons you need depends on several factors. Whether or not the couple has previous dance experience, how much you will practice on your own in between lessons, how quickly you pick things up, and how fancy you want to get with your dance. With 5 lessons, we can usually learn about 4-5 moves/figures in your dance, work on basic lead and following technique, and do a simple choreographed entrance (way to get onto to floor and into you dance) and exit (dip or other ending that fits the couple). If you want something more elaborate or completely choreographed beginning to end, I would recommend more lessons.

Q. Where do you do lessons?

A. Primarily at Hollywood Ballroom in Silver Spring, Revolve Wellness in Catonsville, or The Promenade Studio in Windsor Mill. 

Q. When should we start lessons?

A. If you are doing the package of 5, I would recommend 1-3 months before your wedding, depending on how much time you want in between each lesson. Earlier is always best and it allows you the option to add on more lessons at the end if you feel you need them. I have some couples who start 6 months ahead of time and some who call me a week before the wedding. While last-minute lessons are not ideal, I can still help you add some polish with only a lesson or two. 

Q. Can we use lessons for other people?

A. Yes. Some couples like to buy larger packages and bring parents/family /members of the bridal party to work on the parent dances or used them to learn how to dance for the reception.

Q. What do we need to bring to the lessons?

A. Your first dance music on your  device that can hook up to my portable speaker via Bluetooth technology. Also, I recommend you wear your wedding shoes or something similar in sole material and heel height. If you have information about the size of your floor and when during the reception your dance will be happening, that would be helpful to know.

Q. Do you work with same-sex couples?

A. Yes I do and I have worked with both male and female same-sex couples for their wedding dances in the past.

Q. We are interested in lessons! How do we schedule one?

A. Contact me so that we can find a time and location that works for us both! My email is

Q. Do you have any reviews or testimonials?

A. Yes! Please visit my vendor page on for reviews from previous students!

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